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Meet an ambassador - Jody

1. Who are you and where do you work from?
My name's Jody Mackay and I have a little set up at home.

2. What's your socials?
@jelsbyjody on FB & Insta.

3. Why did you choose The Gel Obsession?
After seeing how other techs were receiving the products and seeing how approachable the brand is from a customer perspective. It's important to me that a brand can represent their customers big and small, and take on feedback and ideas on what they want to see from a brand. TGO 100% does.

4. Favourite season?
My favourite season is Autumn! I absolutely love it. I love the darker nights, being cosy at home, all the amazing scents you get from Autumn through to Winter. Plus, the colours! Autumnal shades are 100% my kinda colours.

5. Fav nail trend?
Either pick 'n' mix or anything with chrome powder / paints. I think the pick 'n' mix allows for more creative room while the chrome can add a little or a lot to a look. 

6. Top 3 tips?
Prep is key - you don't need harsh grits or a heavy hand to do good prep. Take your time and use a fresh 240 file / e-file - making sure there's nothing on the nail, no dust, no cuticle etc. Make sure it's properly dehydrated. 

Use minimal base coat, I take off 90% that's on my brush and scrub it on to the nail plate. 

Lastly, use a liner brush! A liner will be your best friend if you can't get up close to that cuticle and side walls for gel polish, or if needed, to perfect builder gel.

7. Why did you become a tech?
I was unhappy in my retail job, I wasn't earning good money and I wasn't around nice people. Nails became something I could dive in to, earning a living from being creative, working from home and around the kids. 

8. Three quirky facts about you?
I'm 29, have had 14 surgeries (nothing serious) so I have lots of scars on my body  and lastly, I can't and have never been able to pronounce 'liquorice'!

9. Nail tech advice?
Run your own race, don't be so worried about everyone else. You do you and you will get to where you need to be. Also, don't sell yourself short, up those prices and charge what you NEED to live and thrive in your business. 

10. Fav TGO shade?
Una & I love Kourt (Hema free builder)

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