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Do you have instructions and after care guides?
Each product listing has the relevant information but you can also find more information in our knowledge hub.

I'm not a pro, can I purchase?
Unfortunately, no. Our gels are for professional use only and because of this, we have disclaimers on our website where you have to tick to confirm you are a professional. By ticking the box, you confirm you are a professional and suitably qualified to use our products.

Can I use your gels with other brands?
We always advise to use our gels as a complete system. This ensures our products are used as it was intended during manufacturing. If you choose to use our gels with another system, our 14 day money back guarantee will not apply.

What lamp should I use?
We highly recommend our TGO Pro Smart Lamp or one of our unbranded lamps. All lamps that we sell have been tested extensively with our gels and we know they provide a complete cure. Our gels cure at 365nm x 405nm wavelength. Any lamp which cures at the same wavelength should cure them correctly.

Are you environmentally friendly?
Our manufacturer has ensured that the raw materials within our gels are vegan / halal to the best of their knowledge.

How long will my nails last?
With a thorough prep and application our gels should last up to 3 weeks with no chipping or lifting. We recommend that the gels are soaked off after 3 weeks to ensure the nail stays healthy, though nail growth is unique to each individual. 

My colour wasn't quite what I expected.
We try our absolute best to ensure that our products look like they do in real life through your screen. Because you view on the screen, the colours may slightly differ to what they look like in person as they've been photographed. Unlike other brands, we take real pictures of all of our products in the hopes that we represent them in a way in which is closest to what you will actually receive. 

I have a discount code, can I use it?
Of course - use your code at our check out but please be aware that most codes are a one time only offer. 
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Important Order Update!

Please be aware, orders placed between 7th and 18th August will only be dispatched 19th August due to TGO HQ taking a well deserved holiday.

All orders placed in this time frame will receive two free gel products as a thank you for your understanding.

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