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Ultimate Tool Kit - Nigel & Nora

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Meet our ultimate tool kit. Comprising of Nora & Nigel, our kit provides you with everything you need for a perfectly prepped mail plate.

Nora - our double ended cuticle pusher that is the ultimate manicure tool. On one end, Nora has a flat blade and the other, she is curved. She is made of medical grade stainless steel and enjoys a luscious titanium coating.

Nora has been uniquely crafted to our very own specifications to be the ultimate nail prep companion, combining our two favourite tool types. 

Nora’s flat blade is not a cuticle pusher, it has been designed to aid the removal of dead skin from the nail plate to help you create the perfect prepped nail. The flat end is sharp and you should always push skin away from the cuticle area towards the free edge.

Nora’s curved end is a cuticle pusher. Her contoured edge sits perfectly flush with the nail plate and is the perfect tool to manoeuvre cuticles, to enable a perfect prep routine. You can use Nora to remove dead skin from the nail plate. 

When using either side of Nora, do so applying minimal pressure. She has been designed to do the bulk of the hard work, so you don’t have to. If you apply too much pressure when using, it will cause pain. 

Nigel - our fine bladed cuticle nipper. Nigel provides perfect precision and unrivalled grip to ensure complete cuticle removal. 

Nigel is made from medical grade stainless again and has a luscious titanium coating to give an edge of sophistication and style. 

Remember, dead skin doesn’t bleed and nipping it should never be painful or uncomfortable. Nigel is a nipper, you should use a cutting motion rather than a pulling motion on the area. 

Nigel & Nora are for professional use only. 

Always replace the safety caps. 


You should sterilise / cleanse your tools after each client.

To sterilise / clean your tools, you can use a pre-made cleansing solution or barbicide.

If using a pre-made solution, ensure you follow the instructions carefully so that it does not damage your tools.

If you are using barbicide, you should mix 2oz of solution with 32oz of cold water.

Our tools should not be left in any sterilising solution for longer than 15 minutes, doing so could damage them.

Our nail tools and accessories are intended to be used by suitably qualified professionals who hold the relevant qualifications to use them correctly.

You should check the tools for damage before use and after sterilisation / cleansing.

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We provide the following delivery options:

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Free Shipping (48hr tracked)

The above time frames are guides provided by the relevant company. They apply once the order has been dispatched. 

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